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July 24, 2014

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My ocean no longer empties into you.
Your world is too small,
And mine is far too big.


Tonight July 19, 2014

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I breathed.
And then


Lesson July 17, 2014

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I don’t believe in karma-
I believe in goodness.
I don’t believe in fear-
I believe in spirit.
I don’t believe in being a victim-
I believe in excellence.
No matter what the height we’ve stumbled from-
we can go higher.

I don’t believe in bad people-
I believe they let that wolf win more.
And I don’t believe in you.


Four letters

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It eludes me again and again but I refuse to be jaded.
I am stealth.
I am a ninja with its goggles.
But I know my capabilities.

Run? I won’t.
I’ll only stand.
And plant, and root, and renew.
Until it’s ready for me.
I won’t wait for it.
At a bus stop.
And I won’t buy a ticket.
I’ll just stand, and feel the sun and see the stars and hold the little hands that have shown me it’s existence.
That already are what is coming.

And one day,
I’ll feel it rustle the curls encircling my ear.
And without warning.
And I’ll prepare myself for the miraculous storm.
The one that will knock me off
My feet.


Is it Sunday? July 14, 2014

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In the end
The test tubes fill with lightning
Between the wax paper pages

And the beetle lands on its back instead of trying to escape.

These are the nights when my thoughts are stitched like a crazy quilt and time is nothing but a slow clumsy dance partner to a song I hate.

I’m waiting for the pinch of the wasp, but he simply flies away.

Come and wrinkle me up.


July 3, 2014

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…And when the quiet whistling through the trees became loud enough to deafen the beat of her heart,
she realized you had gone.

So she wrapped loneliness like a warm blanket around her,
and no longer felt the chill
Of the wind.


Continental Divide June 30, 2014

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I crossed it on the wolf’s back,
Fast and steady,
So you can no longer touch me.

I opened my wrists and let them flow over you. Above it, where the blood wouldn’t reach me.

And then I poured out my heart…
All the hurt, and pain, and everything that was left of love…
And let it drain down down down
To nourish you.
For you to spit it out due to indigestion of soul.

And I caught the current up.
Light and full of promise.
On rays that dance only
Away from you,
By command of the stars.
And I became free.



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