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September 8, 2014

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Sometimes we put down what’s in our hand to chase the only thing that knows us.
Sometimes it klinks when it falls and we feel our heart slide below the stick shift that we can’t get into gear.
…because we know we shouldn’t be chasing. Again.
Maybe the chasing is the same as running.
…Maybe it’s the same as treading water.
…maybe it’s not.
But at least I dropped what was in my hand.


August 25, 2014

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The streets are too dusty for my thoughts to pass,
And too plagued with cigarette butts and big gulp deals
To allow my pace.


August 11, 2014

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I am love.
No more tag.
No more hide and seek.
No more makeup.
Only love.
Only steps for it.
Steps to it.
Steps with it.
No more blindfolds.
No more excuses.
No more counting change.
I’m cashing in.
And I’m not looking back.


Punch-Drunk August 8, 2014

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He said touch me, and I did.
Then he cracked me like a fortune cookie, to get rich quick.

He said trust me, and I did.
Then he raged the town with his mask drawn tight, upstairs and downstairs pillaging my village.

He said family, I said yes.
Then he squeezed the fruit until the bruises hit the core.

He said dance with me, and I did.
Then we spun so long and so fast that when we stopped my entire world had crumbled all around, and there was nothing left to stand on.

He said love, I say bullshit.
He said love, I say no.
He said stay, I say go…go…go…


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Sometimes the scent of my grandfather’s pipe wafts through my window–
Sometimes, it’s your breath against my cheek.

I miss them both.


July 24, 2014

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My ocean no longer empties into you.
Your world is too small,
And mine is far too big.


Tonight July 19, 2014

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I breathed.
And then



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